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Birthday Reflections


It’s the eve before my birthday and I reflect like every year where I am in my life where I’m going and if it’s where I want to be. Except this year, I think if I’m doing the things I promised I would do as the mother of a 3-year-old.

She’s wild and free and curious and connected. She is well travelled adaptable loving and spirited she’s amazing. I’m afraid of the same things for her as I am for myself; consumption, excess, lack of simplicity. And loosing sense of identity before she has the opportunity to even recognise what one is in a world where few people actually know who they are what they are capable of and what gifts they have to offer the world.

We are Exactly where we need to be… with the universe and with each other deeply in love.

You’ve Been on a Journey My Love

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You’ve been on a journey my love,

To lands distant and different,

You’ve met people from races

and places, that loved you in an instant,

You left them behind, leaving a gap in their day, their hearts yearning for you,

you left them weeping and wishing you’d stay, but you never knew.

You felt their love, their smiles, their hold… but you won’t remember.

Maybe you’ll hold onto the feelings, but your memories will be the pictures that we treasure.

(By Anirban Roy)

Annya Roy, she brings me so much closer to my sunshine.

My name is Najia Alavi. I’m a fashion designer



My name is Najia. I’m a fashion designer. I don’t want to post pictures of me in clothes that don’t define who I am.  I can’t say I care much for fashion, the fashion industry or the unreality the fashion industry shares with the world.

I do care about living a beautiful life, sharing my beauty with the world and feeling… just feeling…

I care that I found something that I’m deeply passionate about, I have found something I love, I found something that makes me want to be my best and brings smiles to people’s faces, something that connects me to a world that wasn’t always mine and something that connects me to a person’s universe who I stumble across that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. Oh! and most of all I love creating a universe which is all mine; those who believe in the same kind of magic are welcome.

If something makes my heart skip a beat I care; including things I find, create or create with people I love. this is my journey, I’m excited to know how it turns out intrigued that I can recognise the people who can be a part of it, overwhelmed with the possibilities that are unfolding in love with the moment that is now.

Fashion is not real – we are. my life’s intention is to love lots, have adventures, play more find the people who make my heart beat faster, make me feel crazy, dizzy and uneasy, I love that I’m imperfect, I’m happy to break the rules, say F*** IT! (sometimes)

Its real, It’s more fun, its magic!

Life from now is all about alignment for me, shaking it up, letting go and trusting more that I have sown enough seeds to turn into orchards.

It helps me get closer to my sunshine.

Aanya Roy



I promised myself I would never be one of those sad mums who posts about their kid all the time, yet I am. It’s hard to resist the control of being a cool mum when you carry so much love in your heart for this creature that occupies and expands your universe in so many different directions.

She is the star of my universe yet I’m determined not to let her be the star of my life.

I always wanted to be the star of my life, and while I’m willing to sacrifice and compromise a lot of things I will never sacrifice the ‘me’ I promised I would always be.

I have lost myself and found myself 1000 times since being a mother for no other reason except what is expected as society’s ‘norm’ but I’m always happiest when I am persuing my own visions, goals and ambitions.

When I’m happier she glows and giggles and dances more.

Everyone does so I know it’s a good thing.

The last thing I would want for Aanya is to give up her identity because motherhood takes over, it has taken me many lifetimes to figure out who I am and what I want for my life, and as long as I am growing there will always be more…

As a mother, you just get stronger and more capable if you fight for what you always were. You are extra lucky if you have the support of people who recognise that and allow you time to hold on to the you were always meant to be.

So she’s at nursery now three half day a week and I’m determined to make the most of every second that gives me so I can sleep at nights instead of spend my time working.

I’m looking forward to Aanya being the star of her life while she ventures out and finds her own love adventures and plays

At the same time, as re-connecting to the star that lives in me. It helps me get closer to my sunshine.

Ashram Ghandi

I Love You


Time away is not ever about escaping as such; More about reconnecting.

Reconnecting to the ‘me’ that I have forgotten, put on the back burner, who’s voice I ignore over and over again because now is not the right time, other people need me more, I haven’t achieved enough to be able to put myself first just yet. There is always tomorrow and after I have done this bit first.

There is never time for the child who’s voice you have spent years ignoring to the point that it’s hard to really hear what that child wants anymore or even ever again…

For me I’ve learnt that the truth of uncovering is much more powerful than discovering.

Our gold is beneath the surface. Scratch hard and see what glistens.

Ashram Ghandi is a beautiful ashram set on the edge of a mystical sea wall. On the other side a lotus pond, there is a nursery on site and you will be greeted by a few lazy cows.

Here we practise yoga, eat clean, chant and meditate under the moonlight.

We unplug and take time to breathe…it helps me get closer to my sunshine.43