Archive Sale

Archive Sale

I’m still in love with these summer dresses from our Gia archive.

If you fall in love with clothes things never get old or out of fashion.

Vintage fashion will always look vintage, you can’t actually go wrong.

We have been spring cleaning in time for those summer days; perfect for beach weddings, bridal parties and boho bride looks. This is for those lace lovers.

Shop our archive, only a few pieces in each piece remain.

The thing about being social…



So I’ve been doing my bit with social media lately and it’s taken me a while to accept that this is me learning to push through a glass ceiling. Putting myself out there and giving myself a voice. It’s a difficult one for me because I’m a hippy at heart and very much about the touchy feely stuff. I love real deep and honest conversations and don’t like engaging much in small talk.

I find it hard to relate to a world that’s all about the outside and has forgotten about the inside. Yet social media just reinforces the pretence, happy smiling faces that go up every time we manage to capture it on camera and smiling in such a fulfilled way every time we get another like. (Well I go back to check over and over again and feel so happy that my picture got so much attention! Ohh the shame of it…)

In all honesty being social these days leaves me feeling inadequate, insecure and unsure of myself.

I work hard to present the best of myself, you just have to ask my mother and my husband the truth about who I really am!

So I seem to know what everyone is up to, whose birthday I missed, whose grandmother died that I didn’t even know was alive, who had the baby girl they wanted and who’s off jet setting on that holiday that I’m so envious of.

However much I love E-mojis, I feel really uncomfortable with the fact that showing you care is getting a text message with a heart and smiley face emoji rather than, when did we get so busy we didn’t even have time for a coffee and a hug to hear about what life’s really been like?

So here’s the truth about my life which goes beyond the images I post on social media;

1. Working with your husband how did that pan out?

2. Getting used to being homeless wtf?

3. Being social the real challenge?

Well wouldn’t you like to know?

I never say no to a coffee and a hug because for me that’s the best kind of ‘being social’ there is.

I learn the most when I can connect with people’s emotions, their personal journeys and the challenges they have lived through to make their life possible. I love it. I’m lucky to have lots of people around me who I can learn from about a life and business that I might be struggling with. It helps me get so much closer to my sunshine.






Travelling With A Girl Gang.



It’s like being on tour with the warriors of love, girl gangstas’.

I used to fantasise about watching the sun rise over islands and mountains, dance in tropical rain in see through saris,

Dance for no reason under the moonlight sail over the seas and feel like Kate from titanic.

Traveling with a man will make you feel safe secure and looked after but traveling with your girl gang will make you feel like you’re running with the wolves, eating praying and living and so much stars and dizzy stuff it’s unreal.

What could feel like a chore traveling with a baby is suddenly fun, adventurous and playful, you get everything on your list done, things stay tidy you have time to eat breakfast lunch dinner and snacks, have time for 3 hour massages yes three hour! Photoshoots under waterfalls, get to wear your best outfits and look amazing and even have time to put body tattoos on you, just because…

Suddenly you are on an island who people who want exactly what ‘you’ want out of life. What’s better than that?

Men are great but women are gangsters of love and I love my girl gang.

It helps me get closer to my sunshine.

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Ashram Ghandi

I Love You


Time away is not ever about escaping as such; More about reconnecting.

Reconnecting to the ‘me’ that I have forgotten, put on the back burner, who’s voice I ignore over and over again because now is not the right time, other people need me more, I haven’t achieved enough to be able to put myself first just yet. There is always tomorrow and after I have done this bit first.

There is never time for the child who’s voice you have spent years ignoring to the point that it’s hard to really hear what that child wants anymore or even ever again…

For me I’ve learnt that the truth of uncovering is much more powerful than discovering.

Our gold is beneath the surface. Scratch hard and see what glistens.

Ashram Ghandi is a beautiful ashram set on the edge of a mystical sea wall. On the other side a lotus pond, there is a nursery on site and you will be greeted by a few lazy cows.

Here we practise yoga, eat clean, chant and meditate under the moonlight.

We unplug and take time to breathe…it helps me get closer to my sunshine.43

No One Told Me it was Ok to Fail

Ok To Fail


So I spent the majority of my life failing. I was the student at school who got 184 unauthorised absences in my first year of A Levels. Other students laughed at me, teachers tutted and me because I should have been in A level chemistry instead of the art room, my parents washed their hands off me on the education front. Nothing ever inspired me unless it was creative. Then I was an A* I didn’t even have to try.

So an A* 2 E’s and an N (near pass) should have screamed something to the world. I was bloody good at being creative. Not how useless I was at everything else!

I always told myself it was ok to be fantastic at one thing even if the rest of the world didn’t agree. Who cares about biology and chemistry now?

I can’t say I regret that I never thought it was worth the effort to even try. The years I wasted believing I was worth less than average and hating everything about the education system and those who fell into the trap of playing the game. Telling themselves that a non-science degree wouldn’t quite cut it in the real world.

It wasn’t until I got accepted into Central Saint Martins that I realised what my education was always about and I could learn to be bold brave and be supported in my vision to go against the grain and do things differently. Look deeper into meaning and be confident with doing things my way.

I found inspiration on the floors of nightclubs, overseas execrations and chats over coffees with a likeminded tribe of people. It was only when I was playing that I found my true inspiration. People still find that hard to grasp. That do you mean you only trade two days a week? What do you mean you’re spending 3 months in Asia? What do you mean you love Monday mornings?

I have always had a very clear vision of what success looked like to me and when I love what I do the most with people who get it is when real magic happens. It’s something you can’t put a price on. And only that tribe of people will only ever understand it’s never about the money but about pushing as hard and as far as you can to create something amazing.

I have haven’t been running away from conformity all my life because I feel like a failure in the system. I have been seeking the sunlight in a world that supports my magic and believes that failing is a part of getting to the best parts of who you are.

Is it a wonder that I feel like I’m winning all the time?

If I’m not failing I’m not really living. In that case How else would I get closer to my sunshine?