Being Born Again

Born Again


I feel like I have lived many lifetimes and been reborn again.

It’s the best feeling ever. New me, new intentions, new cycles and new directions.

Breaking free from cycles is the most excruciating thing in the world just because it’s where my comfort zone lies.

I have done it many times over only to find I get in a cycle which no longer serves my purpose.

It might have started off well, with promises made

My comfort zone is where the world whispers; it’s ok your safe, you can’t do yourself to much damage here just don’t expect too much, you will be comfortable.

I listened to a track by Led Zeppelin the other day. Comfortably numb.

I felt numb.

And decided I will not be afraid.

0 is the best number.

Naked is the best outfit

And adventure is calling…

It brings me so much closer to my sunshine.

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