Getting S**t done

‘I salute you’ to all the mums out there who work in their businesses and get s**t done. You’re phenomenal! I salute you to all the mums out there who juggle the work, mum, wife, me balance. I’m finding it the most challenging thing in the world, I salute you to all the amazing full time mums I know. It’s toughest on you and it’s not good enough that you don’t get the recognition you deserve.

I salute you double, no triple, if you are blessed with twins. Or lots of them. HOW? I salute you dads for being the rock we need to stay sane even if we don’t show it, once there was harmony(ish)!. I salute you to eternity if you’re a single mum.

You own it. You are my God.


I know now why I waited so long to start a family. My voice may have changed but my vision lives on. Thank you to all the people in my life who help me get s**t done!

Life as I know it just would not be possible without you!

Every day you help me get closer to my sunshine.



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