The World is my Country

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Much to my mothers’ horror I don’t like being comfortable, I don’t like feeling safe, I don’t like perfection and I can’t do routine (I’m also no good at high heels and blow drying my hair).

When I left college I made a promise to myself;. I promised I would never get ‘comfortable’ until I was exactly where I wanted to be in life. It suits me to live my life on the edge.

It keeps me pushing my boundaries so I’m not afraid to make mistakes.

I love it this way. It makes me feel alive!

(sorry dearest husband I know this is hard for you!).

I ‘ve Spent months every year travelling with my beloveds, I promised I would never stop…

In Pakistan I found home ,love, grit and amazing textiles.

In Guyana I found adventure, magic and paradise.

In Mexico, Belize and Guatemala I found life long friendships, laughter, and sunshine.

in India and Nepal I found mysticism, enchantment and colour.

In Thailand and Vietnam I found the adventure that is love, companionship and sharing.

In Bali I found a husband and somewhere to return again and again and again!

And so we go on and on and on…..together.

I imagined one day I would Visit the Carnival In Rio, the Festivals in Coachella and the Hottest most beautiful beaches in the world and I will; I guess I already am!

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Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play





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