Iffi Ma

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It’s hard to talk about my mum without gushing the emotions I feel when I think of her. We have our ups and downs (mainly because she also wants to protect me from myself). When there are 2 women as self assured as me and my mother in a room there are bound to be fireworks sometimes but we are both working on it!

Yes she is beautiful, yes she is a fashion icon in herself but more because she is so strong and powerful, she inspires me everday.

To me she truly demonstrates the power and beauty of a woman.

Here is the message i sent her last mothers day;

‘There is an angel in my life who burns like the brightest fire that ever did burn, I could cry an ocean for the pains she has lived, the burdens she has carried and her back breaking struggles, yet she burns on and blinds the worlds with her immense beauty.I’ve never know anything like you dearest angel. You are the reason for my fire, may you keep spreading this light which is a gift for us all.’

Some pictures of this ageless beautiful Goddess who Aanya calls Iffi Ma.


Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play


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