With That Face You Could be a Movie Star…



I only asked him for one thing, not to be my husband but to follow me to the ends of the earth and he does, he does! I don’t believe in conventional marriages/wedding rings (although I may still get one of the vintage sort) and the changing your surname thing. I do believe that we bring balance to each other as life companions and teach each other another way to think or be.  I always told my beloved that I am not your wife and you are not my husband . Our paths however have crossed for a higher purpose. I believe that Anirban Roy is in my life to follow me to the ends of the earth (he often tells me that I need protection from myself!). And I am in his life to bring him closer to his destiny (sunshine). He follows his part of the deal faultlessly (physically and mentally I’ve pushed him to his limits).

Whether I am able to bring him closer to his ‘sunshine’ in this life remains a question mark, but I will tell you that I’m trying! 17 years later we are still working on life as a couple, best friends, life companions, Romeo and Juliet and now parents. Now as well as the bliss we have always shared there come moments of very deep breathing!


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I wrote this on valentines day last year although he never got it because i was pissed of with him at the time, now’s the time to share…

16 kisses for the boy who snogged me in the park behind uni all those years ago.  One for each year that we have spent hand in hand. All these years have taught me you were more than man enough for a girl like me then and you are more than man enough for me know. Shall we see how we manage the next 16?   I’m proud of you my darling. Proud that you took a chance on me, get dragged around a lot in general, not just physically but mentally. When I say I’m going here, I’m going there , whether you’re coming or not; proud that you still give me the space to be me however difficult that it may be for you and proud that we do it together regardless of the fact that I don’t always give you the space you need at the time. You’ve managed to change the darkest parts of you to mould into the person you would like to be everyday, not just for you but for me and our children. There is nothing more admirable and astonishing than that. You are truly one of my greatest gifts.  Be the change you want to see starts here….Hold on tight!

Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play





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