Trouble in Paradise


In January 2010 and over the course of the following year I got my business into approximately £100,000 worth of debt. The first £50k hit me hard on the day I got married.

I cried in my sisters arms, took a deep breath and promised to make the most of my magical dream wedding.  On my return I saw 5 advisors who told me I would not make 50k in 2 months and to fold the business.  I took another deep breath, put my head down and worked really hard for the next 2 months, with the help of my nearest and dearest I did it, only to find myself in trouble 6 months later.

On the brink of a nervous breakdown and disconnection in all that I valued in me I decided just to STOP before I broke myself into a million pieces.

The money that I owe now is a single digit and I breath a distilled breath which fills me with life and a new energy.  I only have time for people who tell me I CAN and share a life full of passion and purpose.

The moral of the story?  Despite the obvious ‘Pain’ I experienced, I can honestly tell you that these were the most rewarding years of my life.

To feel like you have died and been born again only to start from another place and NOT give up, get comfortable and let your dreams slide, will teach you more about your relationship with yourself and those around you than you care to imagine.

So here we go again, born again…

I’m proud to tell the world I will never tell my children choose safe, be practical or be realistic. I will only ever tell them to dare to dream big, be brave, be bold, be beautiful.



Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play


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