My Personal Fashion Styles and Rules


I DON’T DO ‘FASHION’ as such. In fact I don’t believe in fashion.  I believe that the most elegant and hottest women out there stand for more than what is seen superficially on the outside.  They GLOW from the inside.

Fashion to me is just fad that is ‘OUT AS SOON AS IT IS IN’.

Real beauty is in love, loving yourself and the lifestyle that you represent, it’s about feeling empowered and not caring about the labels people place on you, real fashion is timeless……In embracing our imperfections we allow ourselves to become TRUELY PERFECT.

Fashion to me is freedom to express myself without the fear of judgement.

I love to mix basics with Vintage, statement or crafted pieces. Things which make me stand out in a crowd.

Timeless pieces which are easy to dress up or down. I also have a weakness for vintage dresses, floral prints, statement jewellery and statement jackets (no-one will ever know what you’re wearing underneath!)

If I had to label my style it would be Bohemian Glamour.

My style Rules:

  • Fall in love with the piece not the brand or the price tag.
  • Dressing in trans seasonal fabrics and styles will create a lifelong wardrobe which does not date.
  • Always pick your pieces because they are easy to dress up and down and have a classic appeal.

For anybody interested I am starting my own styling videos (Najia’s Golden Style Tips) on the Gia London youtube channel where I will let you in on the fashion secrets that I have learnt over 20 years in the industry

It’s for those of you who are sick of following fashion and want to get ahead in Style.

For more fashion love, adventure and play, I am also on instagram under…



Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play


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